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Reloacting To Texas For A Job Within My Company

Reloacting To Texas For A Job Within My Company

A few weeks ago there was a job posted within my company. I felt that I met all the requirements, but it was located in Texas and I wasn’t sure I wanted to move there. I decided to apply for the job anyways to see if I would be offered it. If I was, I could decide at that point in time if I wanted to accept it and move to Texas or if I wanted to stay where I was at. I knew I would have a little bit of time to think about it before I was interviewed too.

I applied for the job and a few days later I was interviewed for it. I felt like the interview went well and I was right. I was offered the job just a few days after interviewing for it. I still wasn’t sure about the move, but thought that it would be the best thing for my career. I accepted the job and started looking for a place to live. I would have until the end of the month until I had to start the job.

I went online and I searched apartments for rent in north dallas . I didn’t want to buy a home without looking at it first and just wanted somewhere to live upon moving there. I was able to find an apartment that was close to my work and I told the landlord I could pay upon arriving there or I could get him the money another way like through PayPal or a check in the mail. He was really easy to work with and told me I could give it to him upon arriving and he would hold the apartment for me.

I couldn’t wait to get moved to Texas and start my new job. I had a huge yard sale and got rid of most of my belongings before moving. I was happy to get moved and wanted to make it as easy as possible. I was going to be driving to Texas and didn’t want to haul a bunch of stuff there. I wanted to buy all new things upon arriving.

So far my job has been really great and I really love my new apartment. I am going to look at homes closer to when the lease is up on this apartment. It was a really great choice to take this job and move here.